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Limestone sculptures


Handcarved from pieces of limestone (construction waste) and natural stones collected from the beach at Madam Martha Koyu, Burgazada.

One of the things I like about this new little hand carved limestone sculptures series is that I can create something by removing something. I don’t need to add any materials or use electric devices, because I just use a knife to carve them and some sandpaper.

The stones which I collect from the beach were once used as construction material and were like the other construction waste on Madam Martha Koyu dumped in the sea before coming back to the shore. Which is fascinating while limestone itself is a carbonate sedimentary rock formation composed of the skeletal fragments of sea life like coral and mollusks formed over a very long period of time.

Limestone has been used as a construction material already for thousands of years, even the pyramids of Egypt were once covered with white limestone.

Besides construction material, limestone dust can be used as a pigment or as a soil conditioner to improve the soil like a fertilizer.


So the nice thing about carving limestone is that instead of creating waste while making sculptures I can create something useful, limestone dust, for the beach garden project. So the waste of the construction waste becomes a nutrition :-)

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